Prompt: Please share one way you're going to help to disarm patriarchy, figuratively or literally. 

I'm a transgender, Indigenous person so my mere existence is in resistance to white patriarchy. I'm additionally working as a therapist to provide mental health resources to marginalized communities, I'm a writer who focuses my work on discussing trauma and displacement as an Indigenous person, and I'm creating a non-profit with a friend of mine to decriminalize sex work, particularly for women and femmes of color, and provide legal resources for them. 


By educating my nephew about how to be a good man and appreciate women.

I'm going to wear this shirt proudly when I go back home to one of the reddest counties in Indiana where the good ole boy network is strong.


By being myself 75% of the time instead of just 50% of the time--a strong woman who doesn't take any shit from anyone, even when it's hard to be that confrontational. And by giving this shirt to my daughter, who's a molecular biologist so she can spread the word further in her community. I'll tell her to wear it to her co-ed soccer league games. 


hard to pick one! i'm getting involved in Showing Up for Racial Justice, trying to volunteer for Sylvia Rivera Law Project, and going back to clinic escorting for Planned Parenthood. Thank you for this beautiful project of holding people accountable to social change and offering something beautiful at the same time! 

I'll do my part to disarm the patriarchy by continuing to provide support and solidarity to everyone in need of an ally. To use my voice (both individually and my platform through work) to call out patriarchal words and actions when I see them. And to actively build and support a matriarchal society by being a strong female leader, advocate and badass mother.


As a white ciswoman, in the past year I've made an effort to shift my activism to focus on support and service. I volunteer with the Bay Area Childcare Collective providing free child care to various social justice and liberation organizations run by women of color. Child care costs often prohibit low income and single parents from participating in movement work, so free care is imperative and gives mothers leadership opportunities that are too often occupied by folks with higher socioeconomic status. I truly believe the movement to disarm white patriarchy MUST be led by women of color, particularly by mothers who are fighting out of necessity for the safety and future of their own children and I look forward to finding more ways to lift up their voices.


Teach it out to students and fellow union members

$25 dollar donation to Planned Parenthood in the name of Mike Pence


I'm working on a series of painting that show the disparity between the white male middle to upper class expectations of how life "should be" and what other people expect: immigrants, LBGT, minorities, lower income families, etc. and I'm hoping to have the paintings shown here in Austin! I would love to wear this shirt to promote those ideals during the exhibition!


In my role as gatekeeper and educator to highlight and prioritize marginalized voices: voices of color,  LGBT voices, voices encountering disability & voices without citizenship I'm my work both as employee and as small business educator.

I deal with a lot of students who define feminism as "women who think they're better than men." I consider every instance where I correct that mindset to be a step in the right direction.


I've been writing for a while on social concepts (patriarchy, microaggressions, intersection of interpersonal and structural violences, Orientalism, racism, classism, ableism, etc.) and make that writing free and hopefully accessible to a wide variety of people so that they can better identify and have easy to use resources for discussing theories which usually stay stuck up in academia but, in my experience, are really helpful to start unravelling how our world is constructed to perpetuate patriarchal values and systems, and how we can fight against that (so--free education and discussion space). I also am working on getting more involved with a racial equality coalition we have in the area I'm living in currently, and working more directly with a couple programs/committees on the campus where I work aimed at helping community members and students figure out ways to educate themselves, each other, their families, create plans, protest safely (in that they'll be prepped to deal if/when the police try shit), use the political system to push forward policy and legislation to protect human rights more broadly, and work interpersonally to address the issues that come with patriarchy that must be addressed outside of policy and theory as well.


Monetary contributions to Planned Parenthood, ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center; assisting/donating to campaigns for progressive candidates; calling out abusive white privilege when I confront it and working on being the best damn ally I can possibly be

I will continue to participate in Louisville's Stand Up for Racial Justice group, as well as continue providing intersectional and inclusive services to clients at myjob (social work field). I also am committing to striking offensive or loaded language from my vocabulary. 


I will keep trans people alive through force and compassion

Speaking up and shutting down slut shaming.


Being active and checking those, esp. white men, the ways patriarchy benefits them and hinders others. 

I make an effort disarm WHITE patriarchy every day as a public defender - but I will continue my protests and activism!! 


I recently shaved my head because I was losing my hair. I decided that I would not let patriarchal beauty standards force me to mentally abuse myself by watching my hair fall out. Women aren't supposed to shave our heads, we're supposed to do everything we can to appear "fuckable". While I dislike how I look now, I'm learning to love myself no matter how I look and realize I'm so blessed to have hair that will grow back. Fuck the patriarchy!


Working on a radical zine distro, Making sure my feminism is trans inclusive and intersectional, always. I am working on an IT team right now of all men and we keep having super productive conversations about the political climate! 

I am tired of being suppressed as a woman and I am tired of their fear tactics. I am going to stand up for what I believe in and I am going to call out people when they spew out incorrect information to incite fear. 


Bring feminist and anti-racist concerns to the forefront of conversation with white and male colleagues and friends, who often get a pass on their shit because they are well-meaning or they are someone's partner or buddy.

I organize with LA for choice, we walk folks into the abortion clinic in downey because there are protestors. I'm also encouraging my lady friends to learn gun safety/how to shoot guns. Also my entire life has basically been about disarming white patriarchy. 


I lead a group of nine 18-24 year olds doing national service. This is a diverse group serving in diverse communities. To disarm the white patriarchy, I promise to listen to those that I lead and serve. Listening is the first step to understanding, and what I already understand is that I have a lot to learn from others on what social justice really looks like. Conversly, I promise to teach the lessons that I've already learned. I promise to teach what an "ism" is and why "reverse any-ism" is utter bullshit. Lastly, I promise to stand up to and for my members and the communities we serve when the circumstances call me to do so. 


I will continue to attend anti-trump rallies and magnify the voices of marginalized individuals in Chicago by sharing their words and actions at these rallies through whatever media possible. I will continue to confront catcallers and harassers directly, in person, at the moment of their action. I commit to making larger change by reconnecting to family I have distanced and using my privilege to influence their viewpoints.


creating self resources and empowering marginalised communities through holistic health care.

Through going to local protests, organization meetings, volunteering, and everyday actions <3


I'm going to stand up and say something and try to be an ally for strangers on the street who may not be able to speak up for themselves. 

I am going to continue educating myself on how and why the patriarchy is so harmful, to both men and women, so that I can more comprehensively educate people on why we need to dismantle it


teaching students to understand what the patriarchy is, the impact of it, and specifically to take note of the importance in intersectionality in understanding gender inequality. 

By not keeping quiet. I am setting a new goal for myself this year to not be quiet and to not let things slide (esp at my very white very male tech job) so that things are "easier". I want to start the conversation and to educate and raise awareness to the very real blanket that covers us every day.


I will take to the streets with my family of humans, any and all those threatened by the violence of the white patriarchy. People of color, the LGBTQ community, people from around the world who come here and are threatened and scapegoated by fascists and the other members of the WP for whatever false reason the WP claim are all my family.

I am organizing with brown women and femmes, we are skill-sharing on self defense, we are holding each other up, we are reminding each other that it's not our job to do emotional fucking labor right now or ever. We are saying fuck you, pay us. We're holding tight. <3


I will use my voice, words, my body and if necessary my fists to defend all who need defending from the white patriarchy

I am a mental health therapist and I encourage women to have healthy boundaries, love themselves and do what they love to do. 



help raise/teach tiny humans to question the world they were brought into and stand up for themselves and each other

I plan to do research on lifestyles that challenge heteronormativity and the patriarchy and disseminate the information. I am applying to graduate schools currently.


financially supporting projects like this; focusing my research and scholarship at the local level; practicing advocacy and activism in daily life with students, family, colleagues; confronting ideals and practices of disarmament within the routines and rituals practiced by family online and IRL; protesting institutional apathy towards practices of violence and aggression. 


I'm not going to be "silent" anymore about patriarchy, I'm 46 so was taught growing that being silent was being polite. Safe to say that I don't believe that and haven't for quite some time. It's time to be heard. To speak up and speak out when I hear and see things. Time to participate.

Talk about gender roles being enforced on children, work to restructure questions about gender, teach kiddos about ways to go through the world that aren't focused on man-centered social roles and help them learn to think critically about how the world is now and how they too can work to dismantle oppressive systems. Possibly beat up some men, but mostly educate people. 


Keep fighting against the broken systems that perpetuate discrimination of all forms, poverty and inequality!! 

Being a tranny in public and fucking straight cis girls


As someone who teaches about reproductive health and works as a volunteer birth doula, I will continue to offer free education and services to people who are trying to learn about their bodies and take care of their needs in a violent patriarchal medical system. Providing people with the information they need to make informed decisions about their bodies when it comes to their reproductive health on a full spectrum and supporting those who want/need anything on that spectrum, from abortion to birth. Thanks for making these shirts. 


As a cis white male I think it is my absolute required duty to help deconstruct and ultimately destroy white patriarchy, by the dissemination of information to the people in my life and by any direct action available to me - including both monetary donations to organizations that directly support queer and trans people and by prioritizing those same people in the organizing I do in town; i.e. mainly booking bands that have queer and/or femme identifying people involved.

I'm in law school right now, and it's been really useful in this scary time to know what legal doublespeak means. I'm going to disarm white patriarchy by arming our comrades with their language so that we can all fight back. I want to give our comrades access to legal discourses and their legal doublespeak so that we know exactly what they mean when they say it and so that we are ready for their bullshit. I also plan in the short term on getting a low-cost name and gender change pro bono student legal clinic open through the law school, but more on that to come.


working with children and being a source of compassion and patience in their lives :)

I will be unashamedly myself. That is the best act of resistance I have right now.


Continuing to support women and trans people in prisons, continuing to bulk order weapons to arm women, trans people, queers, people of color, stripping and taking money from white men to funnel into resources and projects for everyone they effect, continuing to support myself, friends, friends I have yet to meet

Working with people to dig into the deep emotions and spiritual realities which white settler colonial xtain patriarchy consistently denies, dismisses, and obscures. trying to decolonize our ways of interacting, thinking, perceiving the world which have perpetuated hierarchies, binaries, and oppression.


gonna keep fighting rape culture by advocating for survivors and calling out abusive behavior when I see it. gonna work to empower and elevate the voices of women, queer folx, non-cis folx, and POC thru music, writing, and community activism. gonna work on dismantling the white patriarchal values I have internalized and try to educate myself every day through reading and talking with folx

love the idea, as well as the accountability piece.  Yes!  bouncing off your *calling out* idea, I commit to doing more of the same... especially/including having more in-depth convos with family members (many of whom I believe voted for the Big T).  I'm also hosting a holistic home abortions workshop in the next few months, which I'm real stoked about. :) <3


I will continue to put together zines that showcase work from queer and non-white people so that they may have a creative space to share their ideas outside the context of academia, which is often dominated by whiteness and maleness. I use my own creative writing as a way to critically analyze white patriarchy in hopes that it reaches readers who are also oppressed by white patriarchy. I believe that creating a network through means of art creates solidarity and that is important in dismantling white patriarchy.


Continue to ensure that Boxcar Books is a safe place and free of racism/misogyny and hold people accountable and ensure that the Interfaith Winter Shelter is free of misogyny/homophobia/racism. (I'm a director there) Participate in any direct action against patriarchy (Take Back the Night, etc.)

By becoming an R1 professor with unlimited access to supple yung brains I can brainwash into queer communist D&D playing eco-witches.  Also by putting myself physically on the line when and where queer/poc/undocumented/fem people are threatened and fascists speak without fear of reprisal 


Standing up to and with folks, calling out and calling in as appropriate, organizing, educating myself and others, working every day to be a better ally